How a Geo-TLD Could Benefit Your Business

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A business Web address is just as important as any business street address. With the demand of mobile and online purchasing increasing, your online address should also be carefully considered.

The recent introduction of what will be over 700 new top level domains (TLDs) now offers options far past the traditional .com, .org or .net. From business industries, hobbies to professional services and more, the new domains present a large realm of new possibilities now available for business owners when registering their online address. Perhaps the most interesting category of this new domain launch is the geographical domain names. Starting with .UK in June, .London next month and continuing with .Scot and .Wales later this year, individuals will soon have the option to register a regional domain name.

Online Identity

Big cities across the globe have developed a specific personality that resonates with individuals, no matter where they come from.  City landmarks, sports teams, regional cuisine and local events all have the power to invoke a strong sense of loyalty when users are looking for businesses to work with. The opportunity to tap into a city’s reputation is marketing gold for SMBs!

As one of the first UK geo-location domains to launch, we can look at London as an example. Excitement, adventure, endless possibilities, spontaneity, innovation and so many more characteristics are all associated with one of the greatest cities in the world. Something as simple as a .London domain name for your business makes the Web user aware of the location of your business from the first glance of your website. London residents may feel more loyal to their city and therefore more likely to support local businesses. Those with a .London domain can benefit from such exposure.

For those businesses not working within the capital, adopting the specific domain grants their users access to a London mentality. Viewing a website associated with a city, especially one as unique as London, immediately ties your business into the same aura of exhilaration and enthusiasm, no matter your industry. Push your online identity to match the strong reputation of your city recognised worldwide, making users eager to use your business.

Shop Small Mindset

New geographical domains give businesses the opportunity to appeal to the public’s desire to support local businesses within first sight of their website. By drawing attention to a specific city, communicates that the business has pride and an investment in their local economy, a sentiment proven to resonate with consumers. By attracting consumers in your neighborhood and across oceans, individuals will feel proud and to support the small, local businesses. A .Scot domain for example can help bring  local residents to your shop and know that they are doing their part to give back to their local economy.

Individuals have deep rooted connections to their cities. Leveraging a city specific domain will allow businesses to use consumers’ strong sense of city pride to their advantage.

If you want to increase your chances of acquiring a geographical domain name, visit 1&1’s Domain Showroom and pre-register it now.

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