1&1 Cloud Server Outperforms in Benchmark Performance Test against Four Cloud Providers

Cloud Spectator, the Cloud analyst agency focused on Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) performance, recently evaluated the performance & price performance of the 1&1 Cloud Server offerings. Through a series of unbiased competitive performance tests against solutions offered by alternative mass-market and competitive Cloud providers, the 1&1 Cloud Server was assessed on virtual cores, memory, block storage and internal network features. The aim of the benchmark analysis: to simulate an end-user experience.

The initial results, from a report published last month,  showed the 1&1 Cloud Server to provide competitive levels of raw performance and price-indexed performance, with strong price-performance value throughout the course of the study.

Key Findings:
• 1&1 exhibited highest performance on vCPU and storage performance; 1&1 and Aruba Cloud offered highest memory performance.
• 1&1 exhibited up to 3x higher price-performance value across the vCPU, memory and greater on the storage tests.
• 1&1’s VMs exhibited one of the most stable performances over the test period.

Now, a full report (a 27 page PDF : Cloud IaaS Performance & Price-Performance – Comparing Linux Compute Performance of 1&1, Amazon AWS, Aruba Cloud, CloudSigma, and Microsoft Azure) detailing the methodology, findings and summary is available for download.

Over a 72 hour period, three primary virtual machines (VMs) in sizes 2vCPU, 4vCPU, and 8vCPU were tested from each provider. These VMs were provisioned with a default Linux Ubuntu 14.04 OS operating system. To ensure accuracy,VMs were sequentially terminated every 24 hours before beginning another cycle of tests.

From the final report Cloud Spectator states:

“Overall, 1&1 exceled in performance and price-performance for all component resources of the VMs tested. Its high performance rankings, combined with hourly pricing, introduces powerful, scalable Cloud infrastructure at low costs to its users.”

Download the full report here: 1&1 Cloud Spectator Benchmark Performance Report

About the report
Sponsored by SolidFire, this report was prepared for 1&1 Internet as a comparative analysis of the 1&1 Cloud Server which launched in January 2015. The performance and pricing of the virtual servers, identified as key considerations in the public Cloud industry having a substantial impact in a company’s annual operating costs, were measured against solutions by five different Cloud providers; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Aruba Cloud, Microsoft Azure and CloudSigma.

1&1 recently announced its partnership with SolidFire, the leader in all-flash storage systems, to deliver a new Cloud product to the mass market. Ensuring flexible, efficient, and high-performance SSD storage for all customers.

Photo Credit: ©Cloud Spectator

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