Winner of Cloud Spectator benchmark analysis: 1&1 E-Shops show fastest load times

Credit: 1&1

Imagine this: you are online looking for a new item of clothing so you visit the homepage of your favourite online retailer. And you wait. And wait. Finally it loads. This wait may be only a few seconds but to a potential new customer this wait is like an eternity.

Most people leave a website that does not load within a few moments. However, there is good news for 1&1 customers: the 1&1 eShop out-performed its rivals in the latest test by the analyst firm Cloud Spectator, recording the fastest load times against key competitors.

Loading times are a crucial factor for the success or failure of an online shop. For hosting providers, this means that they must provide a powerful IT infrastructure to support this. The benchmark analysis from Cloud Spectator* confirmed that 1&1 is very well positioned here: in all tested areas – the shop’s homepage, the search results page and the page with the category list – the 1&1 eShop ranked best with the fastest average load time. The biggest performance differences can be seen on the homepage and category page with the 1&1 eShop easily outperforming rivals. The homepage of a 1&1 eShop, the first and most important point of contact with an online shop, takes just 1.5 seconds to load.


Credit: 1&1

These top results are based on the high-performance infrastructure and a unique DDoS protection system developed by 1&1. Besides its protective function against cyber-attacks, it has excellent caching capabilities – which in turn have a positive effect on the loading times of websites, even when presented with a high number of visitors, such as homepages of online shops.

All providers maintain strong uptime

In a hyper-connected world that is constantly online, the uptime, meaning the accessibility of a website, is another critical measure. If an online shop is “down”, and therefore unavailable, the customer will buy somewhere else – and may not return in the future. 1&1 customers needn’t worry. All three hosting providers demonstrated a very high uptime with virtually one hundred percent availability of the systems. In conclusion: customers will have access to online stores whenever they want.

* For the study, Cloud Spectator measured the load time and the uptime of e-commerce websites by 1&1, Strato und Host Europe. All tested online shops are based on the ePages platform. The study ran for 26 consecutive days (April 2016). Measured pages were the homepage, the search page and the category page of each shop.

About Cloud Spectator

Cloud Spectator is a leading company in performance and pricing analysis for the Infrastructure-as-a-Service marketplace (IaaS). Since 2011, Cloud Spectator has provided consulting and benchmarking services for enterprise clients, consultancies and providers. The data-driven approach standardizes and simplifies the IaaS market to inform and guide decision-makers in a complex industry.

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Credit: 1&1

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