.blog, the exclusive domain for bloggers, starts today

The idea of telling an individual story through blogging inspires millions of people worldwide; more and more companies are discovering the potential of having a “corporate blog” as an additional communication platform.

Well now you can order your own .blog domain ending from 1&1, so you can easily share your thoughts, experiences and your ideas with others. The user friendly .blog domain is available for everyone to use and can be registered to any web address.

.blog is the fitting domain for all bloggers worldwide. Whether you are running a private or a corporate blog, .blog can be tailored to your personal needs.

Automatic Inc., the parent company of the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress, is the domain administrator of the .blog domain. The well-known Weblog software combines their blog expertise with the domain name ending – though a WordPress page is not mandatory for using .blog.

There is no limit to your creativity, because blogging is something that can be done by anybody, and can cover every conceivable topic. In addition, having a catchy and easy to remember .blog domain for your corporate blog, can be extremely useful in increasing your company’s brand awareness; as it makes your blog instantly recognisable to your target audience. Furthermore, having a short and memorable internet address improves your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO).

Start your .blog now

Are you a keen blogger and would like to share your own, or your company’s, experience of blogging on the net? The introduction of .blog offers the ideal opportunity to start blogging. Read our step by step guide on how to create your own blog, how to find the appropriate topic, and how to define your target group.

Customers who register now for a .blog domain receive the first year for only £19.99. From the second year the address costs £29.99 per year. Further information about the .blog domain can be found here.


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