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Following our partnership with Bitnami, we have a range of cloud apps in our online centre, which will help you to get the most out of your cloud project. In the 1&1 Cloud App Centre, we have over 100 apps available for you to implement across a range of different application fields. In this blog post, we will talk you through three examples of our developer applications. These features make it possible to configure and adapt your server to sort your specific individual needs.


If you are looking for a reliable app that you can use to implement container technology, Docker could be your ideal partner. The open source platform, which was specifically designed with developers and administrators in mind, facilitates an efficient and flexible realisation of micro server architectures. For this Linux CentOS 7 based app you will need at least a 1&1 Cloud Server M.


Hadoop is a Java based open source application that is scalable and features high availability capabilities. Hadoop uses the Map/Reduce algorithm from Google, which allows for the processing of large amounts of data in clusters. The app consists of Hadoop Common, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS™), Hadoop YARN and Hadoop MapReduce, every module is in place to deal with its own specific task. In order for this app to function you will need to have at least a 1&1 Cloud Server XXL.


This app, which is ideal for developing mobile enterprise applications, enables the coding of native applications without the need for creating server software. DreamFactory is an open source based REST API and has a HTLM5 based admin panel, which supports the user with different management and creation tasks. The application will require 1&1 Cloud Server M in order to run

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