Big name companies are choosing the .design domain

.design is ideally suited for designers, artists, creative agencies and producers of designer products to quickly and easily stand out from the crowd.  But that isn’t news. What is new however, is that the domain has also become popular with major international companies who are using it to showcase their design skills and expertise. Below are two examples of famous companies using a .design address. has been online for several months now however it only came into focus on the 17th of October this year via a noteworthy update. On the same day, the iOS 10 GUI (Graphic User Interface) for Photoshop, Sketch and Figma was published and the new website was advertised on user feeds.


At the same time, Facebook designer Jeff Smith explained the intention behind The page is a new opportunity to interact with the design community and give something back, something which is not possible on the main page.

Even Airbnb, the portal for listing and renting private accommodation uses to promote design events and a blog with posts by professionals ranging from UI designers to the company’s interior designers. In addition, it regularly provides creative and artistic inspiration to readers. The blog’s primary goal is to become a recognised online destination for design and a recruitment magnet for the creative minded.


A wide range of uses for a .design domain

As these examples show, companies can easily and effectively add a design component to their website with a .design domain and thereby emphasise the importance of online design. It can also be the perfect way to highlight the work of a company’s creative department, establish the company’s reputation for design and recruit new talent. It can serve as a discussion forum focused on design to interact with and give back to the community. At the same time, the company’s main website, the .com, can continue to focus on its core business.

You can find more information about the .design domain here.

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