Windows Server 2016 – the latest operating system for Windows web hosting is now available

We’ve updated our 1&1 web hosting package to Windows Server 2016, so Windows users can now enjoy a hosting package with enhanced performance.

The new operating system enables a better utilisation of the server hardware. Furthermore, any online projects you’re undertaking will now benefit from the latest versions of “ASP.NET 4.6” and “MS SQL 2016”, the relational database management system from Microsoft. Thanks to Full-Trust, popular web applications such as DotNetNuke will run smoothly. In addition, you will also be able to use PHP 7.1 and MySQL on Windows

There have also been several updates in regards to the security of your homepage: Thanks to 1&1 DDoS Protection, your website will be secured against hacking and DDoS attacks. In addition, Symantec’s free SSL certificate can be used to encrypt confidential data, making confidential information completely inaccessible to third parties. The updated hardware platform ensures improved performance of your website and, as usual, your website is protected from failure in two geo-redundant data centres.

If you’re wondering which operating system will be of most use to you, consider what you specifically require from a server. If you’re looking to use PHP, MySQL or Perl with different software programs, you should choose Linux – 70% of all web servers worldwide run on this operating system. However, if you’re looking to integrate Windows applications such as the ASP.NET web application framework into your website or use MS SQL, you have crucial advantages with Windows hosting. These applications are all fully compatible with Windows, meaning you will not only benefit from better functioning applications, but also from a shorter development time. This gives you the ability to develop and then publish Microsoft’s current Visual Studio web applications and services from scratch or with the help of templates.

Further information about our web hosting offers for Windows can be found here.

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  1. January 26, 2017 at 7:46 am | by Abhishek Verma

    I have purchased a domain today in morning. Now i want to cancel it. How to do this. Will i get the refund for that.