Buy pre-registered domains with 1&1’s new Premium Domain Service

There’s nothing more frustrating – you’re looking to kick off your new web project, but you find that the perfect domain name is already taken. However, this doesn’t mean you need to return to the drawing board. With the 1&1 Premium Domains Service, you have the option of purchasing existing domain names at 1&1.

Premium domains are web addresses with a particularly coveted or valuable domain name. You recognise premium domains because they are composed of a distinctive, usually short and easy to remember domain name. They contain keywords and current trend terms which are frequently searched for via search engines – giving them high visibility and search volume. Premium domains are also suitable as brand names, but they are not automatically protected as such. The high-value domain quality is noticeable at the price, which can be in some cases significantly above the average domain prices. For example, the most expensive domain sold in 2016 through our partner SEDO was “” for $ 350,000 dollars.

How to register your premium domain

Going forward, you can easily register premium domains at 1&1. All you need to do is enter the name of your desired domain into the 1&1 Domain Checker and you get a list of premium domains offered for sale. If your favorite domain is available as a premium domain, you can buy it for a one-time purchase fee. The applicable annual fee for the domain at the time of purchase is billed separately.

If your personally favored web address is not available as a premium domain, you will be offered a selection of similar domain names from the Premium Domain range. These differ slightly, for example, by the Top Level Domain, variations of the Second Level Domain, or match thematically with your desired domain. If you have found a suitable premium domain, you can also purchase it directly.

To immediately check whether your dream domain is still free for registration or available as a premium domain please visit:

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