Do you know what your server is capable of? Features of the 1&1 Server packages -Part 2

1&1 New Cloud Server

In the first part of our series we focused on some of the features of our 1&1 Server Packages that can assist in simplifying your daily working routine. In this instalment, the focus is on security; with the 1&1 server portfolio, customers have access to numerous of options for saving and protecting their data. We outline some of the features that help give your server the best possible protection.

Firewall Management

The integrated Firewall Management helps you set up your own firewall guidelines and assign them to one or more servers. Not only will you benefit from the external firewall, that automatically filters data traffic in the 1&1 data centre’s network, you can now also define the guidelines of your server´ internal firewall even more precisely. Check out our YouTube channel where we’ve shared a video describing this feature in greater detail.


With the 1&1 Backup Manager, backups can be timed and administered with ease The Backup Manager compresses and encrypts the backup and securely sends it on to the 1&1 data centre. The backup is then stored securely in the data centre, available to be accessed at your convenience. For further information take a look at the 1&1 Cloud Community.


The snapshot works in a similar fashion to a backup – however it will automatically be deleted after three days. Of course, a snapshot is not designed for long term storage, but it is useful in other ways. For example if you wanted to integrate new software of your server, you could take a snapshot of your server beforehand, giving you the ability to restore your server if you’re not satisfied with the new changes. However it’s important to keep in mind that you can only produce one new snapshot per server until it is deleted after three days. You must also ensure that you shut down your server before taking a snapshot, because it might lead to data loss. If you want to know more about snapshots, you can visit the 1&1 Cloud Community.


In image also you to create a backup from your entire server, not just the data stored on it, allowing you to completely restore your server if any problems occur. You also have the option of creating a new server based on a server´s image; effectively cloning the original server. Furthermore you can programme your server to capture an automatically generated image in regular intervals, which is then stored in the Cloud Panel. Take a look at the 1&1 Cloud Community if you want to know more about images.

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