Easier than ever before: SSL encryption for your WordPress website

Having a website is a great way to ensure the world can see your passion and bring customers to your business. However, with many people feeling unsafe on the internet, website owners have a duty to build trust by providing extensive security and data protection. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate provides vital encryption to keep your website and its visitors safe. Until now even setting up a WordPress page with an SSL was a laborious process that required a lot of technological know-how. 1&1 has now streamlined this process for all users. This step-by-step guide beginning with the SSL certificate’s employment up to the re-configuration of WordPress shows you how it’s done:

1.Once you have opened the 1&1 Control Centre and installed your Managed WordPress Website through the 1&1 WordPress Wizard, click in the left command bar on WordPress in the 1&1 App Center. Here you are given several options: You can change your installed website, edit or delete it, or you can link it to your domain. The latter has to be setup in order for you to be able to activate your SSL certificate.

2.  Click on Connect Domain and choose your domain. You will receive the message, that your domain is now linked to the installed WordPress website. Please note, you can change your domain with just one click whenever you want to. Now please click on the button Activate SSL and the window for activating the SSL certificate will open. Next, you have to confirm the terms and conditions for SSL certificates in order to setup the SSL certificate for your website by using the button Activate SSL Certificate for Free.

3. After the conversion to SSL you can access your created website by clicking the Visit website icon (please note that the conversion can take several hours in few individual cases). Lastly, click on the lock icon in the left corner of the address bar of your browser and you can see: Your connection is secure now.

Customers are given the option to use the streamlined SSL setup not only for existing SSL certificates but also if they’d like to purchase additional SSL certificates. If you would like to learn more about further security measures 1&1 uses to protect your data, please visit our web site.

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