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As a result of globalisation and the internet, the business world is becoming steadily more integrated. This provides a great opportunity for small businesses to scale and expand beyond national frontiers in order to attract new customers. That is why having a strong domain name for your website is vital for your business’ online success. For those businesses looking to grow their international customer base, a .global domain name will help them to highlight their worldwide presence. In this blog post we share the inspiring success stories of three 1&1 customers –, and – that are using a .global domain grow their international business.

The new Top Level Domain (nTLD) .global, which is already being offered by 1&1 is seen as an advantage for those doing business internationally. It encapsulates global brand identity, goals and values​ and fits seamlessly into any business sector. Furthermore, brands that want to highlight their global presence or promote their global services and products will benefit from the clearly defined domain.

Making your daily office coffee special is the vision and goal of Blue Tiger Coffee Service, headquartered in Seattle, USA. This service oriented company aims to provide offices with freshly roasted coffee as well as tea, snacks, fresh produce and other beverages as well as their necessary brewing equipment. The company operates internationally in four markets (US, CA, UK and IR). Under the world-wide domain name, all international branches are united under a single website. Since the original choice of domain was unfortunately already taken, this was the perfect alternative. In addition, the global web address makes it easy to set up further countries under the domain until the respective country’s websites are secured and go online. The global domain is an all-encompassing feature which makes the company stand-out against the competition, an important feature since no other company in the industry has an international focus similar to that of BlueTiger.

Another good example of using a .global web address as a brand name is TCOglobal from Florida, which can be found at the following address The IT Company provides complete Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software for clients looking for a cost-effective desktop computer replacement, with full user support. This allows for amore secure and affordable access to virtual desktop infrastructure for customers worldwide. This benefits business users who want to access a cloud server system like Google Computer, AWS Workspace, Citrix, Nutanix VMWare and the 1&1 Virtual Cloud Server. As the company’s name suggests, the .global domain helps to emphasize that the software solution is addressed to a worldwide audience.

Calling for help in an emergency situation, when there is no internet or telephone network available is a troubling scenario. However, the German-based IT company Techno ET Control has developed a solution for this problem through the free smartphone app Softangel. This emergency call application for iOS and Android is already available in five languages ​​(DE, EN, FR, IT and ES). Therefore, the use of a .global domain was a logical and straightforward decision: “In the domain search via the 1&1 customer portal we found the domain we wanted quickly and registered” says Jürgen Brendel IT Project Manager at Techno ET Control. “At this domain, our community will find download options and user guides along with news about the app, as well as updates or new expansions to more cities.”

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