The most important institutions in domain business: The big domain glossary part 4

In the previous blog post in this series, we’ve covered the registration process, and outlined how to select the perfect domain name for your online business. In this instalment of the series, we discuss the institutions that play a role in the domain business, and outline their roles.

ICANN: The largest organisation in the domain business is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN. The California-based non-profit organisation manages the allocation of top level domains and coordinates the domain name system.

IANA: The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), a division of ICANN, is responsible for assigning IP addresses. It acts in the same manner as an accounting department and transmits local IP registrations to Regional Internet Registries (RIR).

RIR: Following on from the IANA, the (RIR) is the organisation responsible for administering and allocating Internet resources in a specific part of the world. The scope of responsibility covers the administration of IP addresses and AS numbers. There are currently five active regional registries worldwide, they are:

VeriSign: This US based company, headquartered in Reston, Virginia, is one of the most important domain name registries in the world; it manages the top-level domains .com and .net and operates two of the global root name servers.

Radix: Radix is ​​the largest domain registry for new domain broadcasts in Asia. Their portfolio includes well-known nTLDs such as: .website, .space, .site, .home, .online, as well as specialised nTLDs such as .tech, .insurance, .bank, .doctor and .music.

Neustar: The US domain name registry boasts Canon and Tacobell as two of its clients, and is one of the largest naming institutions in the world. Neustar specialises in offering Top Level Domains known as “.brand”, which allow companies to secure their own brand name as a domain ending.

Nominent: Nominent is one of the top 10 registries in the world and is the largest in the UK and in the world’s top 10. Its portfolio includes domains such as .uk (as well as all its extensions), and the Welsh TLD .wales.

Afilias: The Irish domain registry service successfully launched the world-famous domain ending .info back in 2001, and is the European counterpart to Neustar in terms of the “.brand” service it provides.

DENIC: The Deutsches Network Information Center (DENIC) refers to the central domain name registry which runs and manages the .de domain and all related activities. The registered cooperative, based in Frankfurt, ensures that every domain name created is unique.

Public Interest Registry: Known as PIR, this non-profit registry is solely responsible for the marketing of the domain .org.

If you would like to find out more about the structure of domains, their technical background or the parties involved in a domain registration, take a look at the previous 3 instalments of our domain blog series.

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In the next instalment of this series, we’ll be looking at private domain registration, domain name transfer and change of ownership.

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