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The new website for your company is finally online. You’re excited when you see it’s sleek modern design pop up on your smartphone and computer. You know this is the right step for your business but something remains missing – customers! In order to get prospective customers to the website, it is important that your site is found through search engines. With 1&1 rankingCoach Basic, small and medium-sized companies without any previous knowledge can easily get started with professional search engine optimisation (SEO).

Step by step how to increase online visibility

So how do you increase the online visibility of your website? 1&1 ranking Coach Basic shows you how to optimise your website or your online shop SEO in a step by step guide. The easy-to-use SEO tool accompanies you throughout the entire optimisation process, from analysis to implementation and then to reporting and control. Each step is accompanied by numerous video tutorials which navigate through individual “tasks” and explain how each step works with tips for improvement.

Every step of the way you can use a clear task list to implement the recommendations for optimisation via OnpageSEO, link building, local SEO and social media links. At all times you can see the progress made as well as the impact on your website’s ranking. Based on these results, 1&1 rankingCoach adapts to the latest state of search engine visibility and accordingly updates the next steps you need to take. In this way, you can improve your ranking easily within a short period of time.

See directly how your website is positioned SEO-technically

The 1&1 SEO website checker allows you to get a first SEO review of your website. Simply enter your website URL into the search bar and you will get information on the optimisation potential of individual SEO criteria. These criteria include search engine visibility, on-page optimisation, backlinks, visitor numbers, keywords, mobile usage and social media. The 1&1 SEO Website Checker can be found here: https://www.1and1.co.uk/improve-website-ranking

Comprehensive analysis of your own website

RankingCoach Basic also allows a greater degree of oversight. For example, you are able to view the daily search engine ranking of the keywords associated with your business. Furthermore, in the reports section, you will receive a detailed report, based on the measurement of SEO indicators such as link texts, backlink types and geographical origin. In addition, you can keep a close eye on your most important competitors, with the intelligent monitoring system providing constant analysis of their websites. These analytical tools help you to continuously optimise your site for visibility in order to increase traffic.

Anyone can use 1&1 rankingCoach, because the tool automatically adapts to your CMS. All popular website systems are supported, including a CMS like WordPress, Joomla!, 1&1 MyWebsite or eCommerce systems like Prestashop, Magento and 1&1 e-Shop.

1&1 rankingCoach Basic is now available for £9.99 per month. More information can be found here: https://www.1and1.co.uk/improve-website-ranking

RankingCoach partnership

rankingCoach, a leading provider of cloud-based online marketing solutions is now a 1&1 partner of the new offer for small and medium-sized companies. In the long term, we offer our customers a state-of-the-art product to improve their online visibility.

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