Mobile ecommerce – Businesses need to keep up as consumer confidence grows!

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It’s been just over 20 years since Amazon was first launched as an online bookstore, and today ecommerce represents a trillion dollar (US) global industry.

For consumers, the benefits of ecommerce are easily recognisable. Shopping online is flexible, is not dependent on a specific time or place, saves time and provides consumers with access to a huge selection of products across every sector.

These advantages also have a positive impact on small businesses (SMBs). Ecommerce allows SMBs to reach more people than would ever be possible with just a brick and mortar business. By establishing a presence online, businesses are far better equipped to keep up with competitors in the same space. Ecommerce also provides businesses with real time data relating to their consumer purchasing habits, which allows them to effectively market to their target audience and offer consumers the products and services that they really need and want.

The fastest growing channel for ecommerce is mobile. Just over two years ago, smartphones overtook laptops as the UK’s number one device for getting online, with users spending almost double the amount of time online on their smartphones than a laptop or desktop computer.

Consumers are becoming far more comfortable with the use of their smartphones to retail shop; recent research demonstrates that online UK retail sales grew by 13 percent in March alone this year, caused in large part by an increase in consumer purchase over mobile devices. These statistics are hardly surprising; consumers spend multiple hours a day on their mobile devices and smartphones have become such an integral part of people’s day to day lives, with everything from travel to banking available at the touch of a button.

As consumer confidence in mobile ecommerce continues to grow, businesses need to ensure their online sales channels are properly equipped in order to effectively tap into this trend. Optimising your business for mobile is no longer a luxury but a necessity; by 2020, mobile commerce will make up 45 percent of total ecommerce. Without a mobiles sales channel, SMB’s are significantly limiting their potential for growth.

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