New apps for your e-shop: optimising your customer loyalty online

Continuously trying to entice new customers to your online store with new offers is both time-consuming and cost-intensive. It is far more advisable, and ultimately more valuable, for businesses to build long-term relationships with existing online consumers. In this blog post, we outline apps from our 1&1 eShop, which will allow you to analyse your visitor and buyer structure, and engage in targeted e-mail marketing, in order to optimise your customer loyalty.

E-mail marketing is one of the most important tools for online retailers. Through newsletters, you’re able to reach your customers quickly, effectively and personally. It’s important to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis, allowing you to build trust and create a lasting relationship. However, it’s equally important to not oversaturate your customers with information. These basic tips will help you to strike the right balance:

Automated e-mails for special occasions: welcome mail, birthday wishes or seasonal greetings – there are numerous occasions that provide an opportunity to check in with your customers. Combine these e-mails with vouchers or discount codes to show your customers how much you value them. When it comes to existing customers who have not visited your website in a while, individual product recommendations or special discounts can provide them with the encouragement needed to return.

Newsletter2Go – be relevant: Customers decide at first glance whether an e-mail in their Inbox is worth reading. Therefore it’s extremely important that your email communication with your customers has a personalised feel, and meets the individual interests and needs of the recipient. This can be done by analysing the click or purchasing behaviour of your customers. Then, you can tailor your email communication and recommendations to individually suit each customer. With new e-mail marketing integration, you can directly connect your 1&1 eShop with e-mail marketing software from Newsletter2Go. Key figures such as the opening and the click-through rates are automatically measured by the tool, allowing you to see how customers respond to your email marketing.

The software from Newsletter2Go is specially tailored to the needs of e-commerce merchants, and helps you to focus on creating high-quality newsletters and improving your customer loyalty.

Sales Analytics: Keep track of and optimize your revenues

You may already be utilising tracking tools such as Google Analytics or etracker as part of your marketing strategy. These tools offer interesting insights including the number of online visitors, their location and the amount of time they have spent in your online store.

The new Sales Analytics app will not only calculate these metrics, but will also provide you with many other key figures that you can use to optimise your online marketing. These include which products are sold the most frequently, as well as who your most loyal customers are.

Once you install the app, it links automatically to your online store. Just log into the app-related website, where you will see all your sales statistics. You can then select a specific period of time for which you want to see the data, including a summary of your sales, the number of orders and the best-selling products. You can also use the menu on the website to delve further into your statistics; the app can outline which day of the week has the highest turnover, which products are often bought together, or how many new or regular customers have purchased from you.

Optimise your shop based on the results

Regardless of how big your online store is, it is important that you understand your customers and their behaviour to optimise your online store. You can use the insights generated from these apps to further optimise your online marketing, by planning campaigns on the highest-selling weekday, mark frequently sold products as a bestseller, or promote cross-selling for products that are often purchased together. You could also directly address your most loyal customers with a special newsletter and reward them with a voucher, helping you build long term relationships with your existing customers.

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