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Why should small businesses run a corporate blog?

Today, more and more companies worldwide are using corporate blogs as an effective platform for content marketing and customer communication. However, some smaller companies are still hesitant to follow suit, because they believe that a corporate blog requires a certain amount of time and money that can only be afforded by a large company. In reality, corporate blogs actually offer many positive opportunities for small and medium sized businesses.

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Get to know our experts – Ive Van Riet

As Head of Commercial Management for 1&1 Web Hosting, Ive Van Riet is responsible for the international management of all web hosting products.  Ive and his team are in charge of the commercial aspects of the entire 1&1 hosting portfolio. In addition, he is responsible for the development of commercial strategy including product positioning, marketing and pricing strategy.

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Easy to integrate into your own website: MyShop even more intuitive

You already have a website and have been wondering for some time, should you be selling your products online too?  If so, now is the right time to put this idea into action. Recently, we have been working to improve the MyShop within MyWebsite: optimising the design and enhancing the user interface to make it much more intuitive.

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The basics of password security

With the number of online services requiring a password increasing, it is becoming more and more difficult to remember which one you have chosen. So users tend to pick easy to remember passwords like the name of their partner, date of birth or simple sequence of numbers and use this password across multiple accounts and services. In doing so, users increase the risk of becoming a victim of cyber-criminals. Simple fixes to password security can thwart these criminals and keep data safe.

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Amazon Payments – new payment option simplifies online shopping

To make the shopping experience of your customers as convenient as possible, you should provide different payment options in your online shop allowing customers to have a choice. “Pay with Amazon” makes this possible for your customers. The customers can easily log in with their Amazon credentials and use the payment and address information they previously used at Amazon to pay for goods in your eShop.

If you’re familiar with online shopping, you probably know the time-consuming part of the payment process: having to enter your address and payment information each time and provide card and billing details.

We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to use the online eCommerce system. There are over 300 million active Amazon accounts, meaning that there is a pool of customers who could access your online shop. This ensures the process is simplified as customers are familiar with Amazon’s payment process and there is the element of built-in trust. You also have the benefit of the entire process taking place directly on your businesses website, without having to be linked to a third party payment vendor.

How it works:

  • Visit the shop administration of your 1&1 eShop, select “settings >> payment” and register for Amazon Payments. Install the free plugin “Pay with Amazon”
  • After you completed the setup, the “Pay with Amazon” button is visible in the basket
  • If you use the page element “shopping basket overview with all line items as box” in your shop, the “Pay with Amazon” button appears on every page as soon as the customer adds an item to the basket
  • By selecting the button “Pay with Amazon”, the familiar Amazon log in is opened
  • The customer can choose from all shipping addresses and payment methods t previously used with Amazon
  • As a trader you submit the amount and after the transaction you receive a confirmation e-mail from Amazon the e-mail address of the customer as well as the postal address to process the order
  • The pricing model is transaction-based: This means you only have to pay a small amount of money for every order paid via Amazon Payments – there are no monthly fees or advanced payments

In addition, many traders who use “Pay with Amazon” report a higher conversion in their shops. A convenient order and payment process keeps the customer coming back to your website because of the ease of use. Amazon Payments is included in all 1&1 eShop packages from the tariff “Basic”.

Step 1

Step 1: Visit the shop administration of your 1&1 eShop and select “settings >> payment”


Step 2: Click “Payment methods” and select Amazon Payments. Then click “complete it” and follow the instructions on your screen

The original version of this post appeared on the blog of our partner ePages. There, you will also find step-by-step instructions how to set up Amazon Payments in your shop available for download.

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