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Google’s restructure to Alphabet: What does it really mean for you?

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Last month, Larry Page took to Google’s blog to announce that it would be undergoing a major restructure in 2016, and the web has since been left reeling with an ever-growing list of questions. Much of the confusion that arose, since the loosely termed press release was issued, stemmed from the informal and relaxed way that Google announced their impending restructure. The minimalist Alphabet website is home to the now infamous announcement, which states that the new company will sit at the head of the umbrella group, encompassing Google and all of its current subsidiaries. But the site contains little detail about what the restructure will mean in practical terms, and ends with a list of vague objectives which provide little insight into what the future holds for Google as we know it.

So now that the dust has settled, and the internet has had the chance to digest this seemingly life altering bombshell, what impact will Google’s restructure actually have on the average consumer and small business?

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